׶ӢƵ_Three Little Kittens_
ͯӢƵThree Little KittensƵ

ͯӢƵThree Little KittensƵ

[three little kittens][Ƶ][ĶƵȫ]

ͯӢƵ_Three Little Kittens_Ƶ_׶ӢƵ_Three Little Kittens__ӢĶƵȫ


׶ƵȫṩͯӢƵThree Little KittensƵأ׶ӢƵThree Little KittensƵأӢĶͯƵȫThree Little Kittensأ׶԰ӢƵThree Little KittensʣOnce three little kittens they lost theri mittens, And they began to cry, "Oh,mother dear, We sadly fear our mittens we have lost." "What!Lost your mittens,you naughty kittens! Then you shall have no pie.""Mee-ow,Mee-ow,Mee-ow,Mee."